[Marxism] White supremacy and Scots, Jews, San Patricios

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Oct 12 12:35:59 MDT 2005

Calvin wrote, "The fact of white supremacy and its accompanying ideology
is a socially engineered historical process. But for the American racial
order to have been constructed as it has been necessarily involves, and
has involved, massive 'white' support for the oppression of black
people, native Americans, latinos, and Asians, etc." 


Further, "You cannot divorce government action from the actions of the 
government's active support base in any glib way. *That* is unmarxist."

Agreed...but mostly because I'm not being glib.  

I don't see the "active support base" of government--in terms of setting
policies--as extending far beyond the ruling class.

...but back to the question of Southern disaffection, Newton Knight, a
Confederate deserter organized large bands of other deserters who drove
rebel officials out of Jones County, Mississippi.  They established ties
with the Federal forces on the coast, and drew badly needed Confederate
troops into the area in a vain attempt to suppress the insurrectionary
conditions.  Almost invariably, deserters hid in the same swamps and
forests that had earlier sheltered runaway slaves and interracial
alliances emerged.

WAR documents the racially mixing of the Knight family and others
associated with the wartime troubles there.  

...so, as to whether Confederate desertion reflected a sense of white
solidarity with blacks, the record of the leading clan of the most
famous internal Southern rising against the Confederacy seems to
indicate that it well might....  

We have to look at the available evidence in each case.  Unfortunately,
not all are going to be as clear....

Mark L.

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