[Marxism] Scottish Klansmen, formerly against the Confederacy

David Walters dwalters at marxists.org
Wed Oct 12 12:43:13 MDT 2005

Nestor, thanks for this.

I would suggest that people interested in this topic write David  
Montgomery, Editor emeritus of Labor History magazine at Yale. I took  
a course from him at the University of Pittsburgh in 1978 and part of  
it dealt with this topic.

Montgomery maintained, and documented, some interesting aspects of  
pro-North sentiment in the Confederacy. Every state in the CSA had  
*whole counties* that were demonstratively "pro-Union". This included  
flying the Stars and Stripes to formation of either all-white or  
integrated guerilla outfits, usually serving as military intelligence  
outfits for Union army activity.

That many/some/most of these folks may of ended up in strong  
opposition to the goals of Reconstruction and/or the White Leagues  
(Louisiana) or the Klan (everywhere else) is *totally consistent*  
with their outlooks: opposition to slavery often (but not always)  
stemmed from *racism*: not wanting black slaves in their counties  
(let along freed blacks) because they wanted "all-white" counties to  
live in. It is not unlike many, many northern Abolutionists who were  
motivated by strong racist views.

David Walters

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