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(A pretty good review debunking Andrew Jackson, but not nearly as good as 
the job that Harry Braverman did at: 

Frontier Injustice
[from the October 31, 2005 issue]
Think of Andrew Jackson as your grandfather who spent his life in the 
military (old style). Many of his attitudes are absolutely abominable, 
especially when it comes to race. He believes passionately in democracy and 
freedom, but his views of who is entitled to those blessings appear to 
leave out the vast majority of humanity. 

ah yes, 'jacksonian democracy' and 'era of common man'...white male 
suffrage did expand (only three southern states still required property-
ownership in aftermath)...of course, financial aristocracy controlled 
north and slavocracy controlled south (jacksonian interests represented 
emergent western capital)...jackson's appointments were from wealthy 
ranks and his finance, trade, and public lands policies reflected their
concerns...meanwhile, one-third of northern population (higher in south) 
lived amidst poverty, overcrowding, cholera, and typhoid epidemics...
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