[Marxism] FDR and Black America [was Andrew Jackson]

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri Oct 14 12:31:29 MDT 2005

Black America did flip over to the Democrats in the 1930s--and this
isn't exactly my time period--but the reasons and the timing were much
more involved than their responses to the presumed effectiveness of the
New Deal.  There have been studies on this in black history publications
indicating that African-Americans voted in their usual proportions for
Hoover rather than FDR in 1932, and continued to vote Republican in the
offyear elections in 1934.  While they "flipped" in most parts of the
country in 1936, that was the year of FDR's historic landslide against
Alf Landon and my impression has been that blacks didn't vote as heavily
Democratic as the traditional Republican white groups--upper Midwestern
farmers, for example. 

However, I see no reason why South Carolina blacks would have ever voted
for an FDR-era Democrat like Strom Thurmond, and I recall seeing one
article indicating that some Congressional districts were showing strong
black support for the G.O.P. as late as 1938.

Mark L.

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