[Marxism] China's public sector

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Make that 750 *million* workers.

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> According to Forbes 
> http://www.forbes.com/business/2004/11/04/cx_1104mckinseychina6.html, 
> State-Owned Enterprises employed about half of China's 750 workers in 
> 2004. The figure is probably higher due to the opaque nature of China's 
> business laws.   This was underscored this past summer during CNOOC's bid 
> for UNOCAL when it was discovered that the former, an ostensibly "private" 
> concern, was actually 60% owned by a state holding company.   "Ownership" 
> in China, period, is a pretty dicey affair.
> Louis Godena
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>>I have a question on China. What percentage of China's workers (every
>> worker who creates wealth included) workers for a publicly owned 
>> industry,
>> buisiness, corporation, banks, etc...
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