[Marxism] Re: FDR and Black America [was Andrew Jackson]

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Fri Oct 14 20:35:54 MDT 2005

 >However, I see no reason why South Carolina blacks would
have ever voted for an FDR-era Democrat like Strom
Thurmond, and I recall seeing one article indicating that
some Congressional districts were showing strong
black support for the G.O.P. as late as 1938. — Mark Lause

There was a shift towards Roosevelt during the New Deal, but not 
because of his record on race. By some estimates, if you count the 
South Eisenhower got more votes than Stevenson in 1956 from 
African-Americans. Despite Jim Crow and exclusion, because of their 
overall numbers, there were many Black voters in the South, which is 
where most lived.* In the South, African Americans voted for the 
Republican Party for a very simple reason. They were allowed in the 
party and Republicans in the South claimed that they were against “Jim 

I don’t know the source, but I once read that Martin Luther King voted 
for Eisenhower in 1956.

During the summer of 1964,** I worked for the Law Students Civil Rights 
Research Council (LSCRRC) in Montgomery, Alabama, and Albany, Georgia. 
The symbol of the Democratic Party and printed on its primary ballot 
was that of a white rooster, with the slogan “white supremacy for the 
right” under it. Somewhere in my files I still have a copy of it.

To read more about it, put “white supremacy for the right” into Google.

Brian Shannon

* According to the 2000 census, over 54% of African Americans still 
live in the 17 states of the traditional South.

** As readers of Barry Sheppard’s memoir may be aware, it was not the 
policy of the SWP to participate in civil rights in the South. However, 
an exception was made for my participating as a law student working 
with southern attorneys.

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