[Marxism] re Peak oil

robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 11:13:34 MDT 2005

MStainsby writes:
"Krauss' role has always been capital reporter, dressed in objective
clothing. His articles either omit or distort vastly what is at stake as
Canada proceeds to gather the second largest oil deposits in the world
(after Saudi Arabia), by destroying the Arctic Region, taking everyone on
the earth uncontrollably with them."

I don't know what Krauss' role has "always been" but certainly much
the same could be said of the NYT as a whole, but in spades. My source
on Krauss is a co-worker from Edmonton, and the single NYT article I
posted. Unfortunately, only the print text and not the photo of the
"shaking Cree man" and the lunar landscape of north Alberta show in
the post. For the full article you need to read the paper itself. By
my reading Krauss makes the NYTs required ritual obeisances to the
greenwash rhetoric of the petro execs  (i.e.) all those trees they're
planting. But the main thrust of the article is that the costs of this
exploration in human and nature terms is nothing short of devastation.
 I wouldn't have made the gaffe of referring to Canadians as greedy if
I hadn't detected a tone of hostility from Krauss to the Tory
government in Alberta and those 400 dollar petro-surplus checks it
mails to ratepayers each year.  Does Krauss make enough of the resistance
of native peoples to the wreckage of their lands and livlihood? This
is the NYT we're talking about here, no? According to my Albertan
coworker, Krauss is not a popular reporter with the oil crowd. If I
referred to him as "no journalistic tout for the oil industry," would
that make a  difference? I doubt it .
Bob M
P.S. Obviously, I don't think Canadians are greedy.

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