[Marxism] Re Peak Oil

David Walters dwalters at marxists.org
Sat Oct 15 15:25:24 MDT 2005

"Thank you for you interesting post. Can you expand on (or point to  
sources) this "glassification" process? And whether it contains latent

Bill, Les' response is correct, there is no 'de-radioactivity' of the  
waste, it simply stops it's potential *to leak*: by gassing out,  
pouring out into the water table or blowing away, as in dust.

I read about this more than a decade ago and haven't seen much since  
but then the journals I read are general engineering journals for  
power production that usually excludes things like nukes.

Of course such *glassification* is a great advance and should be  
employed, should it's promise be true, even if every nuke was  
shutdown tomorrow since the waste is around no matter how much we  
dislike how it was produced.

So...we have this waste, which is currently held at the same nuclear  
plants that produced, upwards of 50 years ago or more. They are  
running out of space. While the amount in tonnage is great, the  
actual physical space the waste takes up now is contained two ways:  
liquid low level waste (meaning 'less than a lot' as opposed to truly  
a 'litte') is contained mostly in ponds. The nastier really higher  
level stuff are in containers. Many are actually in simply steel oil  
drums that can and have been eaten through. Not good: it has to be  
dealt with.

The other kinds of waste include gasses and actual plant components  
including fuel rods.

Overall, the amount of waste is less than other industries and is  
contained on plant sites, which makes the total amount relatively  
'small', smaller than most land fills to day.


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