[Marxism] Fwd: Ft. McMurray, tar sands, and Freddy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Oct 15 19:45:49 MDT 2005

>The primary method used to process oil sands yields an oily wastewater. For
>each barrel of oil recovered, 2.5 barrels of liquid waste are pumped into
>huge ponds. In the Syncrude pond, 14 miles in circumference, 20 feet of
>murky water floats on a 130-foot-thick slurry of sand, silt, clay, and
>unrecovered oil
>Residents of northern Alberta have campaigned to close down the oil sands
>plants because of devastating environmental problems, including displacement
>of native people, destruction of boreal forests, livestock deaths, and an 
>in miscarriages.
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>One day, while I was on my lunch break at the tar sands plant in Fort 
>Muck, [that's what we called it] Gary, the teamster, came running into the 
>lunch room soaking wet. "Freddy drowned!" in the settling pond. I got two 
>hours overtime that day for watching the police divers search for his body.
>The day Freddy drowned the foreman put him to work without a floatation 
>jacket, a violation of the safety rules.  But the coroner ruled Freddy at 
>fault because he was an Indian and had been drinking the night before.  He 
>was celebrating his 19th birthday.  So Freddy's mom, who was in a 
>wheelchair and depended on him, got nothing -the company didn't even pay 
>for the funeral. The union took up a collection for her and the two hours 
>overtime went into the hat.    -Duane

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