[Marxism] China's public sector

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at hn.vnn.vn
Sat Oct 15 22:57:16 MDT 2005

Louis Godena wrote:

>Learn to read,  Michael.   I said about *half* of China's *750 million*
>workers were employed in state-owned enterprises, according to Forbes,
>that the 750 million represented half the workforce.   Did you take
>medication today?

Maybe you ought to brush up on your reading skills Louis. Nowhere in my
post did I say anything about 750 million people being half the
workforce. On the contrary, I said that according the highly incorrect
Forbes article you quoted from, there must be about 375 million workers
employed in the state sector, ie, half of 750 million, ie, exactly as
you claimed. My post showed that this was a joke, that employment in
state-owned enterprises was 71 million in 2002, down from a total of 112
million in 1995, following the destruction of 40 million jobs, ie,
nearly 37 percent of the total. I realize that is disappointing to you,
but the fact that you had your facts wrong is no excuse for silly
flaming about "medication" (imagine how much your 'medication' would
cost if you were unlucky enough to live in post-"reform" China)

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