[Marxism] "end with Sulzberger's resignation" [?]

David McDonald dbmcdonald at comcast.net
Sun Oct 16 10:35:12 MDT 2005

When Sulzberger took over the family business  a decade or so ago the
NYTimes ran a lengthy article that explained in part that the corporation
that publishes the Times remains family-controlled because of some stock is
non-voting. Going public for the Ochs-Sulzberger clan meant going to the
public for money, not sharing out the power to determine the politics of the
NYTimes. Things are going to have to get a lot lot worse for the Times
before Arthur Ochs Sulzberger (Jr? III?) fires himself. The three-page-long
fluff piece made it clear that the family had been grooming Sulzberger for a
couple of decades in various positions inside the corporation, mostly on the
advertising side, and that he was destined by them to run the corporation
for decades more. Look for Clarence Thomas to have an epiphany and walk out
of the Supreme Court before Sulzberger goes.

It is true that the NYTimes has turned into a POS in the last decade, but
it's not like they don't have company.

Just for fun, here are a couple of small extracts showing how Miller got her
facts. These quotes are from an April 21, 2003 article that appeared above
the fold on page 1 of the NYTimes.  The headline is

Illicit Arms Kept Till Eve of War, An Iraqi Scientist Is Said to Assert"

The byline is "With the 101st Airborne, south of Baghdad, Iraq."

"Under the terms of her accreditation to report on the activities of MET
Alpha, this reporter was not permitted to interview the scientist or visit
his home. Nor was she permitted to write about the discovery of the
scientist for three days, and the copy was then submitted for a check by
military officials....

"While this reporter could not interview the scientist, she was permitted to
see him from a distance at the sites where he said that material from the
arms program was buried.

"Clad in nondescript clothes and a baseball cap, he pointed to several spots
in the sand where he said chemical precursors and other weapons material
were buried. This reporter also accompanied MET Alpha on the search for him
and was permitted to examine a letter written in Arabic that he slipped to
American soldiers offering them information about the program and seeking
their protection."

I'm still waiting for the follow-up article on this guy.

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