[Marxism] Re Peak Oil

Rod Holt rholt at planeteria.net
Sun Oct 16 10:58:01 MDT 2005

Ion drift through amorphous, glass-like materials has been of great 
interest since forever. The semiconductor industry has done the bulk of 
the research because they are interested in (for example) Na+ drift 
through amorphous SiO2 and SiN. The major problems with radioactive 
waste disposal by "glassification" are ion drift problems and the work 
with polycrystalline materials is exciting. (Thanks for the refenences.) 
Ion drift through crystals is generally much, much slower, even 
impossible. Incorporating a material into a crystal and then 
immobilizing the crystal is a promising scheme. In some areas, this has 
been successfully done for many years. E.g., for machine tools, tungsten 
carbide crystals are immobilized in a molybdenum matrix by heat and 
pressure to form a very hard and strong material. The incorporation of 
carbides of iron in an iron matrix is the secret of hardening steel. 
Pretty neat stuff.

As far as volume of hazardous materials of itself, I say "If we can mine 
and refine the stuff, we can cook it and can it." Besides, isn't it your 
problem to show us that a socialist society couldn't do it? I simply ask 
whether the same amount of effort has been spent getting rid of the fuel 
as was spent getting it? The answer is NO, and I don't have to look it 
up anywhere. I'm from Missouri-show me.

Les Schaffer wrote:

> [snip]
> also, proponents of this process should own up to the volumes of (all 
> different kinds of) waste material that will be generated, before i 
> (personally) am convinced this is some kind of practical solution to 
> the waste management side of the equation. and not today's volumes, 
> tomorrow's tomorrow's volumes.
> les
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