[Marxism] South Asian Quake Relief efforts

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 16 11:01:50 MDT 2005

Paul Dillon asked: "I saw an interview with the
Pakistani ambassador in which he stated unequivocally
that they had accepted the Indian aid.  What's the

It is well known that Pakistan harbours terrorist
camps in Pakistan administered area of Kashmir, with
Muzaffarabad, the provincial capital of Pakistan
Occupied Kashmir (POK), being the worst hit. Pakistan
is avoiding any direct relief efforts in the POK area
by outside agencies, especially India, for fear of
revealing the presence of the terrorist camps. Almost
all the aid that is flowing in is cornered by Pakistan
and very little is trickling into POK. The ultimate
victims are the people of POK. It is a human tragedy
of unimaginable proportions. Contrast this with the
organised and well orchestrated relief effort put up
by India on the Indian side.
It is still not known how many terrorist camps have
been damaged, but it is believed that about 1500
terrorists would have perished.
For more information:

We appreciate the genuine concern and pain of the
Pakistani comrades.

Vijaya Kumar Marla

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