Watershed in American Politics WAS: RE: [Marxism] Re: Cindy Sheehan on Hilary Clinton

Jon Flanders jonflanders at jflan.net
Sun Oct 16 16:48:43 MDT 2005

> Maybe it's just that I'm hypersensitive and prone to wish fulfillment on the
> question of the rending to pieces of the Democratic Party, but I do not
> recall anything of this nature in the middle of a war unless you go back to
> Debs. I think this is a very big deal and big trouble for the Democrats no
> matter what.

I agree that this is trouble for the Democrats. As was the Millions More
Movement rally yesterday. 

I watched a good deal of the rally on C-Span. I was particularly
interested in Farrakhan's speech. He placed an emphasis on making
demands on the government and reaching for alliances that seemed new for
him to me. He called black Democrats the equivalent of house slaves and
endorsed the idea of a new political party. He called for withdrawal
from Iraq.

I am curious what other list members think about this Millions More
Movement development.

Jon Flanders


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