[Marxism] Fw: [Voice of Sindh] Death Causality is 250000 and Why our Govt refuses the Helicopters offers of India during quake.

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I hear there are 50 helicopters today working on rescue missions.. almost a week after the earthquake, and India had offered 65 within a day.   As a result of the delay and lack of helicopters, tens of thousands may be dead or crippled for life.  Who will hold the criminal generals accountable for putting politics above Kashmiri peoples' lives?  That is where the indifference to the suffering has made the difference between life and death, health and paralysis: 

How come the CPP is the only political party or organization raising this issue?   Have I missed something?   Are the rest just scared to speak out and be accused of being "Indian agents" or something? 

جيسين ڍائو ٽنگ کڻي تيسين بکئي جو وڃي ساهه

NY Times: 

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan, Oct. 13 -Nadish Liaqat, 10, was pulled from the rubble of her collapsed school on Saturday. Since then, as the death toll in her mountain town has grown into the thousands, Nadish has stared at her mother, waved her left hand and cried. 

Kate Brooks/Polaris, for The New York Times
Zainab, who is 5, has infected flesh cut from her skull in Balakot, Pakistan, where there are few medical supplies, and no anesthetic.

Patrick Andrade/Polaris, for The New York Times
In Muzaffarabad, in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, a boy brought from a remote village by helicopter was treated Thursday at a first-aid station. 

"She would weep a lot, but there was no voice," said Naseem Akhtar, the girl's mother. "There were tears and tears and tears." 

Nadish could whisper, a little, and told her mother that she felt excruciating pain in her neck and could not move her legs or her right arm. Unable to find treatment, or even pain killers, Ms. Akhtar tried to get Nadish out on a helicopter. On Thursday, an American military helicopter finally took them from their town, Bagh, to Islamabad, ending one form of anguish and beginning another.

Doctors at the Rawalpindi General Hospital, near the Pakistani capital, said she was paralyzed. They said her rescuers might have worsened her spinal injuries; likewise her two trips to a local hospital on a blanket. The delay in getting her to a major hospital, they added, meant she had missed an opportunity for surgery that might have eased her paralysis. 

Pakistani doctors warned Thursday that the slow pace of evacuations after an earthquake devastated the region on Saturday could be costing the injured mobility, limbs or lives, and a United Nations official called for the fleet of roughly 50 helicopters involved in mountain evacuations to be tripled in size...


Gul Agha
Champaign, Illinois, USA

گل آغا
پروفيسر، يونيورسٽي اِلِينوآءِ جيِ اربانا شيمپين ۾،
اِلِينوآءِ، آميريڪا جون گڏيل رياستون 

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