[Marxism] Marxism is Fascist: How to Refute This?

Myles Sullivan mylessullivan81 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 16 20:25:39 MDT 2005

Hi Marxmailers,

  I am trying to find sympathetic historical and biographical books to study 
on the lives of Marx, Lenin,  and the Bolshevik revolution.  I was unable to 
find recommendations in the marxmail archives. Unfortunately all the 
libraries I have been to only contain petty character assassinations of 
Marxists and incredibly ideologica and disingenuousl historical accounts of 
the communist movememnts.

  In my political work I am coming up against Anarchists, liberals, and 
Chomskyites who are accusing Lenin and Marxism itself  of having an 
oppressive, totalitarian core.  This is followed by statements that Lenin 
was a mass murderer and that the Bolsheviks betrayed the democratic 
revolution to install a dictatorship which naturally ends in Stalinism.

  I need to be able to refute these claims historically.  I dont know what 
books to turn to in order to educate myself and I need your help.  Please 
email me with your suggestions of what historical texts and biographies I 
can learn from to counter these arguments.  Right now I am in a state of 
ignorance-Hungry man reach for the book, it is a weapon!

  In solidarity,
  Myles Sullivan

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