[Marxism] Re Nuclear power

David Walters dwalters at marxists.org
Sun Oct 16 21:03:36 MDT 2005

The Bond pieces states: "...Nuclear power generation thus creates  
over 8 tons / GWh of power that is
delivered - much more than renewable energy sources."

Rod is correct...we should be so lucky with other types of  
hydrocarbon fuel. No one will will any arguments on CO2 emissions  
against nukes. It's a stupid way of arguing. And, actually, it's also  
true that there are types of "renewable" like bio-mass, wood chip  
recyling, corn-to-alcohol that produces tons of CO2, more than  
anything comparable to nuclear in the example given by Bond.

The dangers of nuclear energy: in it's mining, generation and waste  
(not to mention potential accidents) are what needs to be discussed  
and examined (and re-examined) to have a serious analysis.


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