[Marxism] RE: Marxism is Fascist: How to Refute This?

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Sun Oct 16 22:17:04 MDT 2005


You’re raising an important question, and you may get a lot of different
answers on this list. I do agree with Josh's suggestions, and here are some

Personally I think part of the problem is that some political forces
(Stalin and Pol Pot come to mind) have claimed to be Marxist but have in
practice been gruesomely repressive, so that comparisons to fascism do
spring to mind. Given this fact, much hangs on establishing what’s “really”
Marxist. As a starting point for discussion of that topic, I recommend John
Molyneux’s “What is the Real Marxist Tradition” which is here:

After that, if you have the time, I recommend the several volumes of Hal
Draper’s “The Revolutionary Theory of Karl Marx”, which emphasizes Marxism
as a philosophy of democracy and freedom.

These are two writers close to my own particular current (and some on this
list would be critical of them – hopefully they will suggest alternatives).
 If upon reading Molyneux you like his approach, I can recommend more
writings from a similar perspective.

A useful book from a different current is Ernest Mandel’s “From Class
Society to Communism”.


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