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Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at resist.ca
Sun Oct 16 23:50:55 MDT 2005

robert montgomery wrote:

> I don't know what Krauss' role has "always been" but certainly much the
same could be said of the NYT as a whole, but in spades.
Actually, the article you put on here right after my response was good, 
so far as the NYT is concerned. I was more mentioning all of his works  in
the last year or two, and in particular one that was posted only a  week
before the one in question.

Nonetheless, his articles are not merely racist or slanted, the problem 
is they completely utterly distort what the real debate among the people 
who live where these issues are headed are: they are not debating  (alone)
the issues of the environment, they are not even really engaging  debates
around what is or isn't "feasable" for oil interests.

Let's (not you and I robert) cut the crap. We face an oil run down, an 
very soon. There is much reason for others to debate the veracity of the 
peakist claims, but I don't have the energy; what people like myself  need
to do is stop wasting the time (needed to be put in by others, and  thank
goodness for that) that we do trying to talk about whether or not  peak
oil exists, but neither waste time in drawing up plans for how to  deal
with it.

The only nations on Turtle Island left that are still a majority and 
still live the way they choose in accordance with the laws set out by 
mother nature are being wiped out by energy consortiums, and a lack of 
real options provided by us in the south. We know the peak is coming, 
soon or recently passed, so the question becomes what to do about it.

Krauss has written too much about the advantages of "climate change" for 
the Canadian state-- they are no doubt real-- and that is more
terrifying than anything else I can honestly comprehend. Canada, the 
brave human rights, peace maker that she is supposedly, is cheering on 
the ice melt as a means to controlling the sea-routes of trade.

This, is treason to humanity. The environment minister has claimed "no 
environment minister in the world could stop the process of extraction  in
the Athabascan tar sands-- there's too much money involved"... thus,  he
is right, it will take a peoples movement, us-- and it must start 
immediately, because even though you don't live in the Arctic, you never 
touch it, it protects you an gives you life-- kill it and you kill

Sounds like rhetoric? Perhaps it is: but understand that the process of 
finding out if people like me are nuts will kill us all if we are right.

Everything else, when understood on such a scale, is simply a game. It 
doesn't matter, not a whit.

that all said, Canadians are among the most racist people and nations on 
the planet, simply because they think they are not racist but live a 
racist lie every day. For that reason, this article is decent, because  it
lets us see the impact of the oil sand extracton process, a process 
designed to make nothing but death and money.

Hate maquiladoras? wate till you hear about tar sands extractions. Hate 
apartheid? wait till you understand this (spoken by Philip Blake from
"Fort Macpherson" a village in Denendeh/Northwest Territories):

"I believe that your nation
might wish to see us, not as a relic from the past, but
as a way of life. A system of values by which you may
survive in the future. This we are willing to share.

If your nation chooses instead to continue to try and
destroy our nation, then I hope you will understand why
we are willing to fight so that our nation can survive.

       It is our world. We do not wish to push our world
onto you. But we are willing to defend it for ourselves,
our children, and our grandchildren. If your nation becomes
so violent that it would tear up our land, destroy our
society and our future, and occupy our homeland, by
trying to impose this pipeline against our will,
then of course we will have no choice but to
react with violence."

Macdonald Stainsby
In the contradiction lies the hope
    --Bertholt Brecht.

Macdonald Stainsby
In the contradiction lies the hope.

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