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Mon Oct 17 00:53:38 MDT 2005

Hello folks,

Sorry this one took a while - as you can see from the fact that this is
being done at 3 AM, spare time is a pretty rare commodity when you are a
full-time student, freelance reporter, political, news, and gaming
writer for a bunch of different places all at once! But fear not: more
to come soon...Links below.


The Kernel of Pro-War Logic: Support Murder Over Headache
M. Junaid Alam
There are two outstanding facts about the war on Iraq. One is that it
was based entirely on lies. This most of us already know. There were no
weapons of mass destruction, not until the US dropped its own. There was
no al-Qaeda movement there
<http://www.commondreams.org/headlines05/1013-02.htm>, not until the US
deployed its soldiers to fill out the pages of Osama’s script.

But the other outstanding fact about the war is more perplexing: namely,
that it is still being fought.


Opportunity Knocks <http://lefthook.org/Politics/Kanazi101705.html>
Remi Kanazi
Formal talks between Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas and Israeli
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon were put on hold this week. The first face
to face dialogue between the two since the “disengagement” of the Gaza
Strip was sidelined for a second time...


Counter-Recruitment Report from Albany: Mission Accomplished
Karl Kuhn
Two weeks ago in a joint effort with another on-campus politically
active group we staged a successful protest at the annual career fair in
the main ballroom at the University of Albany...


Zeese Takes On The Power Brokers
Michael Butler


In Defense of Lew Rockwell <http://lefthook.org/Politics/Frank101705.html>
Josh Frank

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