[Marxism] Marxism is Fascist: How to Refute This?

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Mon Oct 17 04:02:07 MDT 2005

> Hi Marxmailers,
>  I am trying to find sympathetic historical and biographical books to 
> study on the lives of Marx, Lenin,  and the Bolshevik revolution.  I was 
> unable to find recommendations in the marxmail archives. Unfortunately all 
> the libraries I have been to only contain petty character assassinations 
> of Marxists and incredibly ideologica and disingenuousl historical 
> accounts of the communist movememnts.
>  In my political work I am coming up against Anarchists, liberals, and 
> Chomskyites who are accusing Lenin and Marxism itself  of having an 
> oppressive, totalitarian core.  This is followed by statements that Lenin 
> was a mass murderer and that the Bolsheviks betrayed the democratic 
> revolution to install a dictatorship which naturally ends in Stalinism.
>  I need to be able to refute these claims historically.  I dont know what 
> books to turn to in order to educate myself and I need your help.  Please 
> email me with your suggestions of what historical texts and biographies I 
> can learn from to counter these arguments.  Right now I am in a state of 
> ignorance-Hungry man reach for the book, it is a weapon!
I've come across the same sorts of claims very frequently, and posted 
similar questions both here and on alt.politics.socialism.trotsky a while 
ago. The thing is that a lot of the recommendations that one gets (the 
classic texts of Trotsky, then works of Cliff, Deutscher, Mandel, etc. - 
things which many of us know anyhow) were all written some time ago. A lot 
of the recent right-wing historical stuff on the Soviet Union (Service, 
Pipes, Figes, Appelbaum) has taken advantage of new access to Soviet 
archives, in a way that earlier Marxist writers couldn't. I'm interested in 
Marxists who've taken these people on on their own turf and also 
investigated the same sorts of documents. There is some stuff, I think, but 
it's mostly quite obscure and little publicised. One place you might start 
is in the Oxford volume 'Russia: A History' edited by Gregory Freeze, which 
by no means promulgates the right-wing line (the chapter on the purges is 
particularly interesting), and look at further references from there.


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