[Marxism] The Myth of an Academic Left [was "Norman Levitt..."]

Paul Gallagher pgallagher4 at nyc.rr.com
Mon Oct 17 21:32:34 MDT 2005

Mark Lause wrote:

>Efforts by radical academics to "work within the system" of academe to
>formulate an alternate "theory" of class, race, gender, etc.--or an
>alternate Weltanschauung generally--will work about as well as the
>corresponding efforts to "work within the system" of an oil company to
>abolish dependence on fossil fuels or within the Democratic party to
>achieve campaign finance reform.  

I think academic leftists can be useful. Ruth Hubbard and Richard 
Lewontin are two
people who contributed to the Social Text issue and  have done some 
useful work. However, many of their most important political 
contributions have been
reactive, opposing the academic right. How valuable you consider their 
political work
is to some extent in proportion to how harmful you consider the academic 
right to be.

I'd like to emphasize how Levitt and colleagues defend harmful trends in 
academic right -- I recall him sending out an e-mail proclaiming he was 
going to
meet J. Philippe Rushton.
Here's an example by his frequent collaborator, Paul Gross:


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