[Marxism] Re Peak Oil

Rod Holt rholt at planeteria.net
Mon Oct 17 23:03:27 MDT 2005

Thanks for the correction. The "promised" oil is a mystery to me, given 
your figures. I got the "95% of promised" from Benglesdorf, pg. 167. She 
says, "While as of September 30, 1991, almost all (95 percent) of the 
agreed-upon oil had been received, almost no other petroleum products 
had arrived."

You are right; What - indeed - was "promised" after 1991? Since you have 
the numbers, what is Cuba's oil consumption today? Heinberg says 
("Powerdown," 2004, pg.108), "However, [Cuba's] oil imports are still 
only a fraction of what they were before the Soviet collapse." Is this 
still true?

"Vindicating" Heinberg is a very ambitious goal.  The fact that my 
number led me astray does not mean Heinberg was correct. He didn't quote 
a number on Cuban oil imports. Heinberg made a sweeping statement, "The 
Cuban GDP fell by 85 percent." I'd appreciate it if you could find 
justification for this startling statement.

I'd suggest reading Heinberg long enough to get the broad meaning of his 
comments on Cuba.

>So by my calculations, Cuba got 54% of the oil it imported in 1990
>in 1993.
>So 95% of promised means what? We promise to cut your quota by more than
>Heinberg is vindicated on this one.
>Jon Flanders  
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