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Please distribute widely.  This statement was adopted after thorough  
deliberations by the members of the Arab Nationalist list, and was later  
endorsed by several other groups such as Arabian2000, Intifada, and Al-3eraq  
lists. If your GROUP wishes to add its signature at the bottom, you are more  
than welcome.

A Statement on the Democracy of the Arabists in  Occupied Iraq and the 
Referendum on the Translated  Constitution

October 16, þ2005

At such a time when the  operations of the heroic Iraqi resistance escalate 
in terms of quantity,  quality, and accomplishments,

At such a time when signs foretell  of an impending American defeat in Iraq, 
and as the aggression continues to  fail in achieving its political goals on 
the rock of the   steadfastedness of Iraqis in the face of imperialist plans 
to fragment and  disembowel Iraq,

At such a time when George W. Bush begins to  waver beneath the weight of 
facts and figures, about the dead, the injured,  and faltering plans and 
botched conspiracies, so much so that he starts  claiming to converse with 
the Lord!

At such a time when all  this is taking place, a referendum has been held on 
a constitution concocted  for occupied Iraq by American peons.

Hence, we the undersigned,  upon confirming our adherence to the fundamental 
precepts of our   struggle against the occupying American enemy, and upon 
confirming the  inalienable right of the Arab people in practicing the armed 
struggle until  the occupier is defeated and Iraq is liberated, would like to 
proclaim the  following:

The occupation of Iraq by America, Britain, and their  allies, regardless of 
how little control they may practice over the land, is  intrinsically null 
and void.  Therefore, all structures established  upon the edifice of that 
occupation are also null and void, regardless of  their nature, extent, or 

The referendum, in fact, is  an American effort to run forward away from 
reality.  It’s an attempt  that reflects the ingrained nature of the US 
Government in practicing  delusion, spreading illusion, and exacerbating 
internal  conflicts.

Perhaps the referendum is also an attempt to pacify an  American public that 
is slowly but keenly becoming more aware of the  quagmire into which its 
government has dragged it into, that is, a war where  all possibilities end 
up with defeat.

Reality on the field,  and politically, indicates that America is still too 
weak to protect its  soldiers in Iraq inside their bases even, and can NOT 
permanently control  anything of value outside those bases.

The constitution, despite  all of the efforts its translators expended in 
Arabizing and pasting it  together, exposes the essence of the 
Zio-Imperialist project and its  objectives in the Arab World.  It remains a 
mere link in a chain meant  to transform our region into sectarian 
mini-states, ethnic and racial cubes,  fighting other states and reconciling 
with other cubes.

This  alleged constitution essentially seeks to break-up Iraq by giving 
provinces  the right to self-autonomy.  It seeks to erase the identity of the 
land  of Arab Iraq under the pretext of “diversity”.  That is necessarily  
going to reflect itself on neighboring Arab states.  The constitution  is a 
move that is easily replicable in the whole region starting from  Iraq.  And 
the process of the referendum, and what it signifies  politically, cannot 
possibly be looked at separately from the closing of the  political siege on 
Syria, the effort to “internationalize” and de-Arabize  Lebanon, the 
disarming of the Palestinian resistance in Lebanon and Gaza,  the flaming of 
racial or sectarian hatred in Egypt, the Sudan, and the Arab  Maghreb, and 
the projects to settle Palestinians outside Palestine in  ‘substitute 

Thus, any contribution of any  magnitude and at any level in the so-called 
constitution, be it by  translating, promoting, or participating in its 
referendum process,  regardless of whether that participation was for or 
against the  constitution, is an act that serves the occupation.  This leaves 
all  those engaged in such acts within the range of the resistance, because 
the  bottom line is that there is no legitimacy for ANY political process 
under  the yoke of an occupation.

Therefore, we care little about minor  details such as whether the referendum 
process was riddled with violations  and infractions or not, and what the 
percentages were for  those who  participated and those who boycotted, etc… 
since all that is built on what  is null and void, is itself, by definition, 
null and void.

In  this regard we would like to draw attention to the particular item of the 
constitution giving Iraqis whose citizenship was withdrawn the right of  
reclamation.  That effectively means granting many “Israelis” Iraqi  
citizenships whose ancestors used to carry it, before leaving for the stolen  
land of Palestine, that is.  In other words, this is a loophole meant  to 
Zionify Iraq.

In this context, we hereby express our  fervent condemnation of the position 
of the Iranian government which has  been cooperating with the occupation in 
Iraq on the matter of the referendum  and other matters.  We hereby express 
our fervent denunciation as well  of the treasonous position of the Iraqi 
Islamic Party (IIP), especially on  the matter of the referendum in which the 
IIP called for supporting the  constitution.  In fact, the position of the 
IIP in this regard is no  different at all from the treasonous positions of 
some Shiite Clergy in Iraq  like Sistani, and the positions of the Higher 
Council for Islamic Revolution  in Iraq, and the Da3wa Party.  These are just 
some of the birds of  feather flocking around the occupation, whether inside 
or outside  Iraq.

Yet as we remember the membership of the IIP in Bremer’s  Council, its 
general political course that is wreaking with the stench of  deals cut with 
the occupation, and its habit of finding ‘exits’ for the  enemy from the 
impasses that the resistance squeezes the occupier into, we  call on all 
Islamic parties opposed to the occupation wherever they may be,  especially 
the Muslim Brotherhood, to make an unqualified public statement  condemning 
the Iraqi Islamic Party and the path of ‘moderation with the  occupation’.

We the undersigned, as we follow with admiration the  accomplishments of the 
heroic Iraqi resistance, bow low in respect before  the spilled blood of 
Iraqi children, Iraqi martyrs, and before the suffering  of Iraqi prisoners, 
especially women prisoners.  We hereby salute the  heroes of the Iraqi 
resistance as they defend not only the land and  integrity of Iraq, but the 
identity and integrity of all Arab lands in the  face of colonial 
fragmentation projects and transplanted civil  wars.

And, regarding occupations, it does not escape us to  mention that the 
aggression on Iraq is but the complement of the aggression  on Palestine, and 
that support for the Iraqi resistance is necessarily  support for the 
Palestinian resistance, and vice versa.

Long  live the resistance, the sole legitimate representative of  Iraq,  
Palestine, and all honorable Arab citizens!

Long live Iraq  free and Arab!

Long live Palestine free and  Arab!

Long live the Arab nation free and  united!

“Victory is but the patience of an hour  away”..

The signatories:

The Arab Nationalist List
The  Arab Youth Committee/ The Association against Zionism and Racism, Amman, 
The North American Committee against Zionism and  Imperialism
The editorial board of the Free Arab Voice
The Arabian2000  List
The Intifada List
Al-3eraq List
Anti-Imperialist Alliance  Scotland

Palestine  is ARAB from the river to the sea

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