[Marxism] The Greatest Olympics: Smith and Carlos on Top Again

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Wed Oct 19 08:00:41 MDT 2005

[This article describes not only the event, but what Smith and Carlos  
suffered when they returned to the land of freedom.]

America finally honours rebels as clenched fist becomes salute
By Owen Slot
Tommie Smith and John Carlos were hailed as heroes this week but it was  
not so 37 years ago.
THEY unveiled the statue, accompanied by a rendition of The  
Star-Spangled Banner, as the dying evening sunlight stretched across a  
picturesque stretch of lawn guarded by grand old trees. And this time,  
when they heard the anthem, Tommie Smith and John Carlos held their  
heads high.

It was 37 years and a day previously that they had given the world the  
iconic image of the black power salute at the Mexico Olympic Games,  
their heads bowed, a metaphor for their refusal to accept that theirs  
was the land of the free. On Monday night, however, they looked up,  
blinking with pride and disbelief at their magnificent likenesses  
towering 22ft above them, beautiful replicas in bronze, holding the  
same pose for which their names have become synonymous.

Some might suggest that theirs was a journey now complete, but both men  
reject the idea dismissively. Even so, these two rebels of the civil  
rights movement were being welcomed as deeply into the establishment as  
they could ever hope to be.

[Click on the images and you'll see the statue and Smith and Carlos  
OR http://makeashorterlink.com/?C6843220C

[The third man on the podium was also a participant.]

"Originally,'' said Norman, ``I saw the whole thing in 1968 as Tommie  
and John sacrificing their own personal glory for a cause they believed  
in. Now I see it a little bit differently. I see it as something that  
they gave gladly and it wasn't a sacrifice for them. It was a  
privilege. I'm pretty sure if you asked them, they'd say it was a  
privilege. And I count it as a privilege to have been a small part of  

from Brian Shannon

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