[Marxism] Popular Front

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Wed Oct 19 12:52:32 MDT 2005

Louis Proyect :

Charles Brown:
>Also, rarely (never ?) do I see an overall strategy spelledout on how
>radicals will build a movement today completely outside the DP.  There is
an >obligation to project in more detail exactly how the anti-DP mass
movement >will be developed.

The left should have supported Nader and Camejo in 2004, not John Kerry.
That is about as spelled out as you can get. Here are the two strategies 
side by side:

CB: Those would be tactics. What to do in one election is too short-termed
to be termed a strategy. 

First, we elect Nader and Camejo, then there will probably be this response
from the bourgeoisie, which we have to anticipate... Then we do this.. Then
we do that...

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