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> The Norteamericanos had their own caudillo tradition...and for much
> the same reason as in Latin America. 

It is always with delight that I learn from Mark Lause's well 
conceived, better documented and pointedly posted texts.

So that maybe this time I can give him som useful hint.

Dear Mark, please remember that "norteamericanos" applies also to 
Mexicans and Canadians.  So I would suggest that when you call your 
own folkspeople in Spanish you resort to the less common but most 
accurate "estadounidenses" (which is usual in Argentina at least), 
simply meaning "United Staters".

BTW: somebody in the Reconquista Popular mailing list has dug up an 
old article of a French pundit recently, according to which the 
attribution of the name "America"'s own name to Vespucci is entirely 

Vespucci's original name was Alberigo, a very usual name in Italy by 
those times.

It was transformed into Amerigo, according to this professor, by the 
very witty but largely illiterate (sarcasm intended) Martin 
Waldseemüller, the guy who first named America as such on a map.

The name seems to have been that of a chain of hills in Central 
America, Nicaragua I think, Amerrique in the original.  It was given 
to the whole land by taking one comment by someone in one of 
Columbus' travels.  

[In the same way, the Andes take their name from the Antis, its 
Eastern last hills in Peru:  the Antis were both the hills and its 
residents.  And they gave the name to the whole range, among other 
reasons, because they were one of the last potential locations for 
new great empires with their silver and gold. 

Many Fatamorgana empires such as the Paitití and similars were 
located in the Antis.  Thus, thirst of silver gave the name to the 
whole mountain range.]

But back to the Amerrique hills in Central America.  If true, this 
notion allows for a future gentillice for those born South of the 
Bravo River:  "amerriqueños" against "americanos", a name we 
gallantly make a present of to you, dear cdes. in the North.

And I say that we "make a present" of it because whatever can be said 
against Spanish and Portuguese colonization, it is hard to deny that, 
as compared to Anglo colonization, this endeavour brought to life an 
entirely new kind of society, neither European nor Aboriginal, the 
"small humankind" of Bolívar.  And began to do it a century before 
the first Anglo colonizers set foot on Plymouth Rock to attempt the -
largely succesful, but not original in the "Amerriqueño" sense- 
establishment of a new Europe across the ocean.

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