[Marxism] Re: Stop the Presses! No, I mean Start the Presses: Stop the Copiers!

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Wed Oct 19 17:21:01 MDT 2005

On a related note, when the Downing Street Memo was published, one of 
the British papers had an interview with the person who brought it to 
the press--not the leaker but the reporter.

He said that the leaker told him that one of the measures to insure 
security was that the government agency made each copy different. He 
give examples, but I can imagine that some words might have an American 
spelling instead of a British one, which would apply not only to labour 
and labor, but to such words as traveled and travelled. Another 
possibility would be to change the order of some of the sentences or to 
insert different prepositions. For example, below I could use "to the 
ruling class" or "for." Other possibilities would be to spell out dates 
and times or to write numbers as digits or spelled out as in 6 or six.

Therefore, the memo had to be retyped in order to disguise just who had 
received it.

All of this shows how important it is to the ruling class to keep such 
documents secret.

Brian Shannon


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