[Marxism] comunist and other left parties

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Thu Oct 20 06:44:40 MDT 2005

Folks, I doubt this hardly the place to start listing CP and SP and your
grandmothers party. There is a place for that mentioned by Louis or someone
else: broadleft.org, hosted by the Marxists Internet Archive. If you go to
www.broadleft.org, you'll find every left party (from the Greens to
left-communist Bordigist organizations) sorted by:

1. Country
2. International Tendency (USec, RIM, Humanist International, pro-Moscow)
3. Broad current ID ("Trotskyist" "Maoist" "ML", that sort of thing).

It was set up as an adjunct to Yahoos "leftist trainspotting" list and to solve
the problem of people writing into the MIA who want to contact their local left

Every group mentioned so far is on this list. Use it, it's fun.


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