[Marxism] Caudillos and the role of military

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Fri Oct 21 06:18:34 MDT 2005

 Nestor Gorojovsky :


In more senses than one, this is the role that history awarded to 
such people as Perón, to the military who took Getúlio Vargas to 
power, to Chávez and --yes this will sound outrageous, but never 
forget Permanent Revolution!-- Fidel Castro himself, whose 
farsightedness does not well out from his thorough readings of Marx, 
Engels or Lenin...

CB: Is your idea even more general, Nestor ? The Bolsheviks were
politiicians who had to become military chiefs. Chinese and Viet Namese
revolutionaries had to become military scientists, etc. Ghastly imperialism
begets the necessity of revolutionary caudill at s.

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