[Marxism] Hugo Chavez: populist politician, popular entertainer

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Fri Oct 21 07:20:20 MDT 2005

The following story really brings home one of the "edges" that major sectors 
of the  U.S. Left will have to confront when admitting Chavez into the 
puritanical  folds of their ideological acceptance: Chavez' overt use of 
sexual distinctions as an element of his discourse, even when he is the butt 
of the joke.  American political discourse after all is so  puritancially 
and  hypocritically desexed, both right  and left.

Paul Dillon:

Hugo Chavez: populist politician, popular entertainer

By Bernd Debusmann Thu Oct 20,12:23 PM ET Reuters
Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez, recently had an audience of foreign and 
local dignitaries in stitches with a joke on himself.

Delivered with the deft timing of a stand-up comedian, the story helped show 
how a leftist leader detested by Washington and much of Venezuela's 
traditional elite commands a huge following among Venezuela's 
poverty-stricken majority.

The story featured Chavez -- a stocky ex-paratrooper and no model of male 
beauty -- and two of his friends.

They die and are admitted to heaven but warned that touching a dark cloud 
near heaven's gate would have dire consequences. Through mishaps, the two 
friends touch the cloud and go missing one by one. Each returns shackled to 
an extremely ugly woman.

Next, Chavez goes missing. He reappears, beaming, arm-in-arm with actress Bo 
Derek. His friends protest noisily over unfair treatment. Bo Derek cuts them 
off: "No. no, no. It was ME who fell and touched the cloud. So I got 

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