[Marxism] News of Brasil

Jim Monaghan jbm7 at tutor.open.ac.uk
Fri Oct 21 07:36:47 MDT 2005


The link above gives the Usec Trotskyist current position on the drift of
the PT to the right. The Usec appears to be breaking with those in it's
current who are staying in the PT. Are there other articles stating the
position of the various currents who are in the PT. What is the position
of the various church groups? Have the Trade Unions and Peasant groups
been neutered?
I suppose the history of the Left is littered with formerly decent parties
which were corrupted by the lure of "real" power.The awful charm of the
bourgeoisie. On the other hand the purity of the sects seems to consist of
staying out of the building of actual struggles like the DeLeonite SLP.
Jim Monaghan

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