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I have no problem agreeing that capitalism incorporates, embraces these
varied forms; and there should be equivalent agreement on the specific
social relation of production that defines the "essence" of capital, the
determines its development, that necessitates its overthrow--.  And
there is little doubt that were the "archaic" forms dominate, economic
development is stunted, capitalist development is at one and the same
time "sporadic" "uneven" and of course, combined.

What Lenin is truly describing here, what we are always talking about
whenever we are talking about development under capital is uneven and
combined development.

We can and still do measure the advance of overall economic development
by how FEW people are engaged in agricultural production.  This
consistent, persistent, expulsion of labor from the countryside is what
distinguishes the capitalist relations of agricultural production, the
capitalist relations of ownership from all others.

Yes indeed, capital does "take hold" of all those other property forms-- 
but those forms were not in and of themselves capital; those owners were
not in and of themselves bourgeoisie; those relationships are not in and
of themselves the capital taking hold.


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