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Lenin described two possible paths of capitalist development in Russia.
would be a Junkers capitalism that incorporated non-market mechanisms of
exploitation. The other path, which he advocated, would resemble the
Northern USA with its mixture of wage labor on large-scale farms and
proprietorship. But *either one* was capitalistic.


But, point of fact, Lenin was wrong.  Neither path of capitalist
development, Junker or Northern USA, was possible, available to  Russia.
That's kind of the whole point. That's what Trotsky recognized.  And
that's no accident, no serendipity on his, Trotsky's, part.  It was the
result of his studies of  capitalist development and the terms of social
transformation required to achieve such development.

That lack of possible paths of capitalist development is located
precisely in the ability of capital to recreate its own "big bang."

I think if we look at the totality of Marx's section on  So Called
Primitive Accumulation we can see the path to Results and Prospects.


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