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I appreciate James' comments and the  history he provides into decisions
and actions of the past.  But I disagree with his analysis at all

First, I am not ignorning the need for tactics.  On the contrary,
tactics exist to serve strategy.  If your strategy is to defeat the
bourgeoisie, to unite, as much as possible, all sectors of the working
class; to neutralize or "convert" the various "middle" layers of
society; to isolate the reactionary elements and physically defend the
workers' movement, then your tactics have to reflect this. Or your left

Secondly, I am no advocate of frontal assaults up the highground.  No
way.  Leave that for the Marines.  First in war, first in peace, first
to get carried the fuck out, feet first.

Nothing wrong with organizing the UAW-CIO.  Every Marxist supports,
should engage in just that class-based activity.

But the  rest?  FDR planning to turn the Dems into a European type
Social Democratic Party? By his support of the Wagner act? Not hardly.
How about this.  FDR was determined to preserve capitalism from social
revolution, and, recognizing that the best prevention is in converting
civil war into imperialist war, did what he had to do to secure the meat
for the grinder of capitalism


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