[Marxism] Reply to Mr Nagesh Rao's delusions regarding India

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 22 10:20:54 MDT 2005

Mr nagesh rao,
Please remember this. Marxism does not bar communists
from loving their country and the people. We do not
support an imperialist power from exercising its
hegemony over its own people or the people of of other
countries. India IS NOT an imperialist power, nor is
it occupying anybody's territory. Not every seperatist
movement is a liberation struggle. And specifically,
the Indian state is NOT waging a war against muslims
or christians. This is utterly wrong and distorted
notion. As I have said already, the problem
underdevelopment in many regions in India is primarily
due to feudal exploitation and only socialism can
present a real solution by ending exploitation and
thereby end the disparities. The cause of peoples'
suffering and grevience in Kashmir is not because of
Hindu exploitation of muslims (that is your distorted
notion, which matches perfectly with that of Pakistani
muslim extremists). What do you say of the Kashmiri
Hindu Pundits who were thrown out of their homes and
homeland by the fundamentalists. Nor is it so that one
part is under "Indian occupation" and the other part
"liberated by Pakistan".
If that is your view, go and get your head checked -
it needs urgent major repair.
Armies wherever stationed will cause hell of a
trouble. For example, it is the communists who have
vehemently opposed and fought on the issue of Army
attrocities in Manipur.
You seem to be living in a make believe world where
you harbour illusions of India being an imperialist
power, occupying and suppressing the people of North
East and Kashmir. Such an attitude is childish and
immature. You either lack basic knowledge of Indian
history or you subscribe some sort of anarchistic
illusion that fighting the Indian state and breaking
up India is revolutionary cause.
I want to end this discussion here. There will be no
further respnse from me.
Vijaya kumar Marla

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