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Sat Oct 22 11:35:00 MDT 2005

Charles places the "question" of the popular front in the "dialectic"
between reform and revolution, but that is a false dialectic.  First and
foremost, dialectics are historical, are about historical organization,
historical moments in the class struggle.

So the real history surrounding the popular front is not a history of
the interpenetration of reform and revolution, or accomplishing the
transition from reform to revolution.  .

The historical content of the PF is the subordination, and subjugation,
of the program and organizations for workers struggles during critical
moments of revolution itself to the program and organizations of the
bourgeoisie, however liberal and democratic they may be.  As such, the
program of the popular front has little to do with actual reform, but a
lot to do with actual suppression of independent workers actions.

The "dialectic"  is that between the establishment of new relations of
production and protection of the existing relations of production,
between revolution and counterrevolution

Such was the real meaning and content established in the proto PF in
China in the 1920s-- the subordination of the program and organization
of the workers struggle to that of the KMT; such is the real meaning in
Spain, France, in IndoChina.

Is there a record of sustained, maintained reform anywhere in the
history of popular fronts during the 1930s?  And for the record the
actions of the CP, tailing after FDR, do not constitute a popular front,
and should not be identified as such.

And equally mistaken is the view that united fronts, like popular
fronts, did not succeed.  This is establishing a false equivalence, for
inherent, essential to the popular front was the destruction, physical,
of actions and organizations acting for a united front.  In that the
popular front, internally disorganizing the revolutionary struggle, was
successful too much.

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