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Well, I think the horse isn't so much dead as it is walking in circles,
or maybe it's become an ostrich, burying its head in the mud of wishful

Critical moments, CB asks?  Where?  Where and when-- China 1926-27;
Indochina 1937; Spain 1937; France, etc. etc.

No revolutionary moment then and theres?  If that's the case, no
revolutionary moments ever.  I'll tell you what there sure wasn't a
moment for-- and that was for reform.

I commend Charles for forthrightly stating that the point of the PF was
"saving" the Russian Revolution.  Yeah, what a saving that was... except
let's really look at the history, and indeed dialectics are all about
and always historical, that is the great accomplishment of Marx,
locating dialectics in real human activity, in the organization of
labor, turning Hegel upright, so to speak, not on his head, but on his
feat.  What preceded that "salvation"?  Well, there was the rejection of
the united front which would have prevented the triumph of fascism in
Germany.  There was decimation of  most seasoned, capable, innovative
leaders of the Red Army.  There was an equivalent decimation and
disorganization of the economy.  There was the subjugation of the
workers movements to the ideology of "saving" the Russian Revolution.
and the result....saving the Russian Revolution?  How about this-- how
about turning back the prospects for international revolution?  How
about allowing capital to "restabilize" through the wholesale
destruction of the means of production, and workers, while maintaining
the economic channels for imperial exploitation of the less developed

This is not blaming Russia for everything that happened.... but if the
Soviet Union was so important, so critical, and I believe it was, in the
history of the 20th century, that historical authority does not come
without historical responsibility.

And today?  Today there is no Soviet Union-- and that too is a product
of "fronting."


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