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 Why is it nice to see the Yankees lose?  You got Oakland and the
Giants, you can
be for them.  Just because I think Boston sucks, I took no pleasure when
Chicago beat them.  Just because I hate Anaheim, Gene Autry, Disney, and
any team that wears red (baseball team that is, not political team), I
took no pleasure when the
Sox beat them.  And I like the White Sox.

What is the deal with hating the Yankees?  Steinbrenner? Hey, we all
(Yankee fans included) hate Steinbrenner.

He's not the team.  The 1996-2000 team was put together when he was out
of baseball.  And he should have been permanently banned for what he
tried to do to Winfield.  But what, he's worse than Busch?  Than Wilpon?

As for Epoch Times-- Fulan Gong, lock, stock and barrel-- bet if you
follow the cash you'll find it intermingling somewhere along the line
with Rev. Moon.

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>> A teacher of mine picks it up because he says it has a good sports
> section. Incidentally, he got offended when I commented that it's
> nice to see the Yankees lose. I don't think he likes me anymore. ;)

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