[Marxism] A riddle

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I promised a re-review of Nestor's posting on the US Civil War, and my
response to it-- 

I have considerable disagreement with Nestor's analysis--   I do  not
think the South was effectively a "colony" of Manchester, and I do not
think the Republicans, and Lincoln, were a national front as we have
come to know the term.

But I was incorrect in my post of pointing to a divergence between Mark
Lause's analysis and the other items that Nestor was raising in his
submission. So apologies for that, and another round on me if Nestor
gets to NYC.

I always have some agreement with Nestor's analysis-- particularly that
the destruction of Reconstruction is a watershed event in the
metamorpheses of capitalism-- it was part of the period known as the
"long recession" globally for capital, a period from which capital
emerges in 1895- with the replacement of Spanish colonialism with US
empire capitalism; with the developed and developing capitalism
incapable of clearing its nest of pre-existing, antecedent forms; rather
capital as a whole absorbs those forms, and embeds itself, its very
modernity in preserving the "backwardness."

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