[Marxism] How you like Cindy now ?

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This piece has been out for some time. I commented on it as follows when it
appeared, under the subject Watershed in American Politics:

>The most prominent leader of the US antiwar movement, the person most
associated with the antiwar movement in the minds of ordinary Americans, has
just stated that she will not vote for any pro-war Democrat and re-affrimed
her personal committment, after a personal meeting with Senator Hillary
Rodham Clinton, to fight for an immediate withdrawal of all US troops from
Iraq and to denounce Clinton in no uncertain terms for failing to oppose the
war and "sounding like a Republican."

The person who called out George Bush in front of the whole world and
demanded that he tell her to her face what her son died for, who exposed
Bush daily as a coward and weakling who could not face the honest emotion of
one woman for ten minutes, has just called out the Democratic Party on the
issue of Out Now and threatened them in the only currency they know: votes.

Maybe it's just that I'm hypersensitive and prone to wish fulfillment on the
question of the rending to pieces of the Democratic Party, but I do not
recall anything of this nature in the middle of a war unless you go back to
Debs. I think this is a very big deal and big trouble for the Democrats no
matter what.<

Looks like Rush and I are agape at the same person and share the estimation
that Cindy Sheehan is shaking things up in a new and different way. It's bad
news for his sorry ass, too.

David McDonald

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