[Marxism] Epoch Times

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy, El Pato Comunista mqduck at sonic.net
Sat Oct 22 15:40:44 MDT 2005

Lance Murdoch wrote:
> There is an anti-communist media organization called Epoch Times which
> I have been seeing a lot of in the past year.  Mostly they are against
> the Chinese Communist Party.  I have been seeing them everywhere in
> the past year.  They have a free newspaper which I see all over
> Chinese neighborhoods in New York. They also have a web site (English
> version is http://english.epochtimes.com ).  I have also seen them out
> in Chinese neighborhoods with what must be expensive battery-powered
> televisions which denounce communism in China "from Mao to now".

Over here in the South SF Bay Area they're everywhere. Not just outside
the Asian grocery store by my house, but at my JC and everywhere there's
a local free newspaper stand. It has the most outlandish slanders
against the CPC you could imagine. My favorite is their "report" that
some high-ranking Chinese general is calling for a quick nuclear strike
on every part of the US to get rid of us once and for all. I can only
hope that such bullshit will turn people away.

A teacher of mine picks it up because he says it has a good sports
section. Incidentally, he got offended when I commented that it's always
nice to see the Yankees lose. I don't think he likes me anymore. ;)


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