[Marxism] "recognition of the sea change in Ulster politics".

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The Times October 22, 2005

Paisley to join the Right Honourables
By Richard Ford, Home Correspondent

THE political establishment’s embrace of Ian Paisley continued 
yesterday with the announcement that he is to be appointed to the 
Privy Council.

He is the first member of the Democratic Unionist Party invited to 
join it.

Further evidence that the one-time outsider is a full member of the 
great and good is that three people nominated by him are to join the 
House of Lords. One is his wife, Eileen, whom Mr Paisley, 78, 
affectionately calls "Mammy".

Mr Paisley’s appointment is recognition that the DUP is now the 
largest party in Northern Ireland and the fourth biggest in the House 
of Commons. It will allow him to be titled the Right Honourable and to 
have the initials PC after his name. It also means that he receives 
preferential treatment from the Speaker in debates.

The Privy Council officially advises the Queen but is now largely 
ceremonial. Only Government ministers take part in its policy work.

Mr Paisley’s arrival as a Privy Councillor caps a remarkable 
progression for a man who was fined £30 for unlawful assembly in 1966 
and who has also served a short term in prison for blocking a civil 
rights rally.

Peter Robinson, the deputy leader of the DUP, described the 
appointment as a tremendous personal honour for Mr Paisley, and 
"recognition of the sea change in Ulster politics".

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