[Marxism] Reported Khamenei endorsement of Iraq constitution highlights growing US dependence on Iran tolerance of occupation

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Oct 23 09:47:50 MDT 2005

Of course, it is always possible that this story, linked yesterday to
Juan Cole's Informed Comment website, will prove to be imperialist
"psy-ops" but I very much doubt it. 

If accurate, this further highlights Washington's growing dependence on
Iranian tolerance for the occupation, at a time when the "Plame-gate"
investigation seems to be closing in on forces in the Bush
administration most identified with the course toward war against Iran
and refusal to collaborate with the Tehran regime.

Approval of the constitution pasted together and imposed under the US
occupation simply highlights what would happen to the beleaguered
occupation if Washingon attempted to get its drive to take firm control
in the Middle East back on track, and to assert real power to control
Iraq, by attacking Iran or even Syria.Syria is in a much weaker position
than Iran but it's hard to see how Washington would create anything but
more problems for US imperialism by attacking.

This does not exclude that the forces that have driven Bush
administration policy up to now will attempt to regain the offensive by
undertaking new adventures. But the battered condition of the US
military -- the situation seems to moving toward a crisis demanding
radical reoganization almost on the  scale of that required by the loss
of effective combat capacity in Vietnam.
Fred Feldman

Fred Feldman

Iran's supreme leader praises Iraq referendum as 'blessed'

TEHRAN, Iran Iran's supreme leader is praising the U-S-backed
constitutional referendum in Iraq as "blessed".

He's now urging Iraqis to participate in December's parliamentary

And delivering a prayer sermon at Tehran University, Ayatollah Ali
Khamenei (hah-meh-neh-EE') condemned those behind the daily bombings in
Iraq, comparing them to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Iran, a Shiite (SHEE'-eyet)-dominant nation, wields considerable
influence over the Shiite majority in Iraq.

The U-S has accused Iran of meddling in Iraqi politics and supplying
weapons to the insurgents. Iran denies the charges.

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