[Marxism] Welcomed Back

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Sun Oct 23 11:00:39 MDT 2005

At 15:02 23/10/2005, Martin Gandall wrote:
>rrubinelli replied:
>>I  think you are asking a similar question-- but your solution or answer
>>I think is to discount the prospects for socialist revolution in their
>>entirety-- that the tasks of the 20th century were radical-democratic
>>rather than socialist.  That's taking it way, way back comrade,

>Actually, the democratic demands you seem to regard as antiquated relics of
>the 18th and 19th centuries were the starting points of revolutionary
>agitation by the mass organizations in the 20th, and the centrepiece of
>their programs. A short list: land reform, , freedom of expression and the
>right to organize trade unions and political parties, old age pensions and
>universal healthcare, public education, the emancipation of women and
>national minorities, national independence, safe and healthy workplaces,
>shorter hours, etc.

I snip the rest - just saying hear,.hear to Martin; - but having only 
on Thursday this week attended the Tom Paine Memorial lecture at UEA, 
Norwich (given by John Pilger) - it is worth reminding everyone that 
that extraordinary revolutionary of the 18th century - who should be 
a model to all radicals/socialists/communists who speak the English 
tongue - only ever put forward extremely moderate opinions - yet 
spoke with the language of the masses in a way which stirred people 
to "storm the heavens" - as they did in both revolutionary America 
and revolutionary France.  His maxim was to get people to "ask 
questions" to "question authority" - and to see that to defend the 
liberty of anyone oppressed was the best way to defend one's own 
interests and liberty

There are many lessons to be learned from that "uncommon" man who was 
involved - even instigated - two revolutions in his lifetime.

I would say he has been my lifetime hero - even more than Marx, Lenin 
and Stalin - and others would do well to follow his example - speak 
to what people already "know" - and lead them forward from THERE 
(even when "what they know" may be patently "wrong").

Comradely greetings,

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