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This  endless mucking about in ancient history continues to be a drag --
but for  the record and by 20/20 vision, the Hitler-Stalin pact was
obviously not  only an intelligent thing to do but the only thing to  do.

Perhaps, but only because of a litany of betrayals by Stalin in the years  
prior. His use of the comintern, not to aid the spread of socialism in Europe  
and around the world, but as a tool to advance the national interests of 
Russia,  derailed the prospects for revolution in Germany at a time when Hitler 
could  have been defeated and the political and social direction of Europe 
progressed  rather than regressed.
Then too in Spain Stalin's crimes helped ensure a generation of fascist  
dictatorship in Spain.Finally, his purging of tens of thousands of communists in  
the Soviet Union itself, among them an entire layer of Red Army officers and  
generals, left the Red Army severely debilitated and unprepared for war.
The Hitler-Stalin pact was the culmination of the aforementioned crimes and  
more. It was not the act of a great and clever statesman, it was the  
desperation of a rank opportunist and anti-communist. 

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