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LW>>    The transition to socialist tasks is something different, but
LW>> the revolutionary crises cited above did not give birth to
LW>> successful revolutions because the stalinist leaderships did
LW>> _stop_ the fight for land reform and national independence, in
LW>> order not the propertied classes which they saw as the natural
LW>> leaders in that time.

LP> Hindsight is always 20/20 but the purpose of this list is to provide
LP> an analysis of the class struggle today. We don't have time machines
LP> to get us back to 1935 or whenever. Let's stick to the present day.

   Your remark raises two questions in me:

a) why do you spend so much energy to discuss the emergence of  
capitalism some centuries ago, when you tell me to "stick to the  
present day"? Do you have your own time machine to get you back?

b) why do you address just me with this call, and not e.g. to Marvin  
Gandall or RRubinelli who brought up the historical lessons of the  
past struggles?

   BTW, my main intent was to correct the wrong statements by Marvin  
Gandall claiming that the right wing currents in the workers movement,  
Social Democrats and Stalinists, prevailed because they championed the  
land question, national indepencence, and other democratic tasks,  
while the revolutionists insisted on socialist tasks.

   The facts are different, and stating the facts is independent of  
attributing success or failure to this course of action.

   The fact is, that the problem was that the right wing currents  
actually _opposed_ a fight for distribution of land to the landless  
peasants or for national indepencence.

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