[Marxism] How to refute the "What will motivate people to work" arguement

Prem K Govindaswamy govi0006 at umn.edu
Sun Oct 23 15:45:22 MDT 2005

In convincing people who are unfamiliar with Marxism, Communism, etc., one
needs to be able to give a concise, understandable refutation of
bourgeoisie distortions, lies, and propaganda. One of these inane, canned
dogmas one sometimes encounters is when a Bourgeoisie, one of their
spokesmen, or politicians repeats the same "Well, in a communist society,
what will motivate people to work if they're basic human rights like
healthcare, food, shelter are guarenteed". Because the bouzhies do repeat
this standard, moronic, and quite stale arguement, anyone who is trying to
convince people who aren't familiar with socialism needs clear responses.
Here are some, but I would like for anyone to add as many, or clear up any
mistakes in the ones I've posted. 

1. In capitalism, there is no incentive for workers to work more or harder.
Because the capitalist system runs on surplus profit, and the owners of
industry always have to run on profit, they are always trying to drive down
wages, regardless of quantity or quality of work, in order to obtain higher
profits. For example in NW airlines, the CEOs are attempting to slash wages
by 25%, and get rid of 75% of the jobs. The workers did nothing wrong, they
will actually be doing more of the work, picking up the work the other 75%
did, and be paid less. And b/c the distribution of basic needs (Food,
healthcare, shelter) are owned by a few private monopolies, the owners are
constantly increasing those prices to obtain a higher profit. If the
workers go on strike or attempt to rightfully sieze the means of production
as their labor is what produces wealth, the state's army (which is kept by
a public company usually) will crush them. 

2. In a Socialist and Communist society, the economic production will be
planned democratically by the workers, so that the needed resources of
society will be met.

3. There will have to be, in the transitionary period, some rent charged on
items like housing, but the manner in which (or even if) rent will be
charged will be decided by the masses, who collectively own the housing. 

4. B/c the workers will own means of production and will thus more fairly
reap the wealth created by their labor, and make the democratic decisions,
they will be much more motivated to work. 
I know there's much more, but this is what I have time for. I request and
would greatly appreciate it if anyone could add more counters to the
"motivation" bullshit of the bouzhies, or I if they could clears mistakes
with the ones I've posted. THanks.

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