[Marxism] Cardinal says Castro told him pope welcome to visitCuba(CNS) - Going backwards Too Many Steps!

Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Mon Oct 24 02:58:33 MDT 2005

John Obrien wrote:

> I guess when the nazis came recently to Toledo, it was important to challenge them - but when a member of the Nazi party - now pope, wants to travel to an area that he also "looks down on" - he should be welcomed? 

I'm no fan on Benedikt "Ratzo" XV, but in polemics people should at 
least try to be accurate in their accusations.

The present pope was never a membver of the NSDAP - he was simply too 
young. He was a member of the Hitler Youth, but then so were most of his 
generation of young boys, including many later leaders of the Social 
democratic Party. It took incredible courage and political conviction to 
refuse to join the Hitler Youth, something most 15-year-olds do not yet 

Benny's political ideas are indeed obnoxious - but making false, indeed 
libellous, claims to back up a polemical point is a sure way to devalue 
the valid political points a polemiciser is trying to make.

Einde O'Callaghan

P.S. I thought there were rules on this mailing list about snipping out 
the inessential points of a message you're replying to. This doesn't 
seem to have been adhered to by some in this thread. Also I believwe 
that top-posting (i.e. writing the reply above what you are replying to) 
is frowned upon here as in most of Usenet.

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