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Mon Oct 24 07:36:52 MDT 2005

>Dear Historical Materialism conference participants,
>I include a text copy of the conference programme, for email distribution.
>In Solidarity,
>Peter Thomas
>for the HM EB
>Historical Materialism Annual Conference 2005,
>4-6 November
>In association with Socialist Register and the Isaac
>and Tamara Deutscher Memorial Prize Committee
>University of London Union, and School of Oriental and
>African Studies (SOAS), London, WC1
>The Editorial Board of Historical Materialism:
>Research in Critical Marxist Theory, in collaboration
>with the Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial Prize
>Committee, the Editorial Board of the Socialist
>Register, and the Faculty of Law & Social Sciences and
>the Department of Development Studies at SOAS is
>pleased to announce its annual conference, ‘Towards a
>Cosmopolitan Marxism’, 4-6 November 2005.
>Since its inception, Historical Materialism has been
>firmly committed to the project of creating a space of
>dialogue and debate which extends across disciplinary,
>linguistic and cultural borders, and promotes the
>circulation, cross-fertilisation and expansion of
>critical Marxist thought. For the 2005 conference we
>have invited a wide range of leading figures in
>European Marxist thought to discuss the terrain of a
>future ‘cosmopolitan Marxism’. This will be an
>exciting weekend of comradely exchange, which the
>Editorial Board of Historical Materialism hopes will
>grow into an important annual international event.
>The conference will be organised with three plenary
>sessions (Deutscher Memorial Prize Lecture, Socialist
>Register and Historical Materialism plenary sessions)
>and workshops dedicated to specific themes. Workshop
>themes include: the philosophy of Nietzsche, the
>critique of Liberalism, Gramsci, Althusser, the young
>Marx, the break-up of Yugoslavia, the interpretation
>of Capital, Marxism and intellectuals, Marxism and
>philosophy, ‘mutations’ in the mode of production,
>visions of socialism, Deleuze and Marx, imperialism,
>Venezuela, the Historical-Critical Dictionary of
>Marxism, thinking the political, and combined and
>uneven development.
>The Deutscher Memorial Prize Lecture, ‘The Politics of
>Assumption, the Assumption of Politics’, will be
>delivered by Michael Lebowitz on Friday evening, 4
>The Socialist Register Plenary Sessions, to launch the
>2005 edition of the Register, edited by Colin Leys and
>Leo Panitch, ‘Telling the Truth about Class’ and ‘The
>State of the Third Way’, will be held on Saturday
>evening, 5 November.
>The Historical Materialism Plenary Session, ‘War and
>Capitalism’, will conclude the conference on Sunday
>afternoon, 6 November.
>The language of the conference will be English with
>consecutive translation provided for a limited number
>of sessions, where necessary.
>Attendance is free. However, the conference is
>entirely self-funding and we will depend on voluntary
>donations by attendants and participants to support
>the event. The suggested donation is £20 waged and £10
>for unwaged for the full event, and £10 and £5 for
>one-day attendance.
>Please register in advance by email to help us to
>guarantee sufficient seating:
><historicalmaterialism at soas.ac.uk>
>2.30-3.00pm     Room 3D­ Registration
>2.30-3.00pm     Room 3D­ Opening Presentation ­ Editorial
>Boards of Historical Materialism, Socialist Register,
>and the Deutscher Memorial Prize Lecture Committee
>3.00-4.45pm     SESSION 1
>Workshop 1.1 ­ Room 3C ­ Lineages of Contemporary
>Chair: Jim Kincaid
>Tobias ten Brink & Oliver Nachtwey, ‘Lost in
>transition - theories of imperialism and the German
>world market debate in the 1970s’
>Alan Freeman, ‘Bolivar to Bolshevism: what can the
>writers of history learn from its makers?’
>Workshop 1.2 ­ Room 3D ­"It is difficult to be a
>Marxist in philosophy..."
>Chair: Esther Leslie
>Frieder Otto Wolf, ‘Finite Marxism­ some problems
>involved in re-reading Capital’
>Peter Osborne, ‘Marx and the philosophy of time’,
>Nicolas Vieillescazes, ‘Keep it real: Jameson as a
>Workshop 1.3 ­ Room 3B ­ Combined and Uneven
>Chair: Paul Blackledge
>Neil Davidson, ‘From uneven to combined development:
>between the Enlightenment and the Third
>Colin Barker, ‘Some reflections on uneven and combined
>7.00-9.00pm ­ Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial
>Prize Lecture ­ School of Oriental and African Studies
>­ Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre
>Chair: Chris Arthur
>Michael Lebowitz, ‘The politics of assumption, the
>assumption of politics?’
>Conference social ­ Venue to be announced
>10.00-11.45am   SESSION 2
>Workshop 2.1 ­ Room B102­ Capital
>Chair: Jim Kincaid
>Wolfgang Fritz Haug, ‘Marx’s learning process ­
>against “correcting Marx with Hegel” (Engels,
>Chris Arthur, ‘Capital as an object for theory’,
>Respondent: Michael Lebowitz
>Workshop 2.2 ­ Room B111 ­ Althusser
>Chair: Peter Thomas
>Gregory Elliott, ‘Althusser in his limits’
>Vittorio Morfino, ‘The primacy of the encounter over
>Mikko Lahtinen, ‘Conjunctures ­ Althusser's aleatory
>interpretation of Machiavelli’
>Workshop 2.3 ­ Room B104 ­ Yugoslavia
>Chair: Alberto Toscano
>Rastko Mocnik, ‘Yugoslavia in the world-system’
>Ozren Pupovac, ‘Project Yugoslavia: the singular and
>the plural’
>12.00-1.00pm Lunch
>1.00-2.45pm     SESSION 3
>Workshop 3.1 ­ Room B102 ­ Capital
>Chair: Alfredo Saad-Filho
>Geert Reuten, ‘On the quantitative homology between
>circulating capital and capital value; the problem of
>Marx’s and the Marxian notion of “variable capital”’
>Riccardo Bellofiore, ‘A ghost turning into a vampire:
>the concept of capital and living labour’,
>Roberto Fineschi, ‘The four levels of abstraction of
>Marx's concept of capital’
>Respondent: Alan Freeman
>Workshop 3.2 ­ B111 ­ The Critique of Liberalism
>Chair: Alberto Toscano
>Domenico Losurdo, ‘A counterhistory of liberalism’
>Respondents: Alex Callinicos, G.M. Tamas
>Workshop 3.3 ­ Room B104 ­ Selections from Das
>historisch-kritische Wörterbuch des Marxismus
>(Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism)
>Chair: Peter Thomas
>Juha Koivisto & Mikko Lahtinen, ‘Conjuncture’
>Thomas Barfuss, ‘Conformism’
>Jan Rehmann, ‘Ideology-critique’
>2.45-3.00pm ­ Coffee break
>3.00-4.45pm     SESSION 4
>Workshop 4.1 ­ Room B102 ­ Capital
>Chair: Sam Knafo
>Andrew Kliman, ‘Reclaiming Marx's Capital from the
>myth of inconsistency: notes on a new book’
>Mino Carchedi, ‘Marx and the business cycle’
>Alan Freeman, ‘Bortkiewicz, Sweezy, Sraffa and the
>sacrifice of scientific integrity to academic
>respectability: why the theory of history requires the
>theory of value’
>Respondent: Riccardo Bellofiore
>Workshop 4.2 ­ Room B111­ Gramsci
>Chair: Paul Reynolds
>Giorgio Baratta, ‘Gramsci among us: Hall and Said’
>Rocco Lacorte, ‘“Language” and “translation”, “praxis”
>and “culture” in Antonio Gramsci's Prison Notebooks’
>Fabio Frosini, ‘Immanence and historical materialism
>in Gramsci's Prison Notebooks’
>Derek Boothman, ‘The multiple sources of Gramsci's
>concept of Hegemony’
>Workshop 4.3 ­ Room B104 ­ Venezuela
>Chair: Alex Colas
>Marta Harnecker, ‘Venezuela: a revolution sui generis’
>Michael Lebowitz, ‘What path is Venezuela
>Chris Harman, ‘Venezuela: important steps to come’
>4.45-5.00pm ­ Coffee break
>5.00-6.30pm ­ Socialist Register PLENARY, Khalili
>Lecture Theatre (SOAS Main Building) ­ Telling the
>Truth about Class
>Chair: Colin Leys
>G.M. Tamas, ‘The truth about class’
>Discussants: Alex Callinicos, Simon Clarke
>6.30-8.00pm ­ Socialist Register PLENARY, Khalili
>Lecture Theatre (SOAS Main Building) ­ The State of
>the Third Way
>Chair: Alfredo Saad-Filho
>Colin Leys, ‘The cynical state: the corruption of
>policy-making in Blair's Britain’
>David Miller, ‘Propaganda-managed democracy: lies and
>the Iraq war'
>Michael Kustow, ‘Playing with the truth: the political
>role of the theatre today’
>Elisa Van Waeyenberge, ‘Stiglitz's “Third Way”? The
>truth about the “post-Washington consensus”’
>8.30pm ­ Conference Dinner
>Tas Restaurant, 22 Bloomsbury Street, WC1B
>10.00am-11.45am SESSION 5
>Workshop 5.1 ­ Room B102 ­ Nietzsche's philosophy and
>the postmodernist “hermeneutics of innocence”
>Chair: Peter Thomas
>Domenico Losurdo, ‘Nietzsche, the aristocratic rebel’
>Jan Rehmann, ‘Towards a deconstruction of
>postmodernist neo-Nietzscheanism’
>Respondent: David McNally
>Workshop 5.2 ­ Room B111 ­ Visions of Socialism
>Chair: Paul Reynolds
>Paresh Chattopadhyay, ‘Worlds apart: socialism in Marx
>and in early Bolshevism’
>Martin Thomas, ‘Three traditions? Marxism and the
>12.00-1.00pm­ Lunch
>1.00-2.45pm     SESSION 6
>Workshop 6.1- Room B111 ­ The Young Marx
>Chair: Matteo Mandarini
>Roberto Finelli, ‘A failed parricide’
>Respondents: Sean Sayers, David McNally, Peter Thomas
>Workshop 6.2- Room B104 ­ Thinking the Political
>Chair: Giuseppe Tassone
>Massimiliano Tomba, ‘Another kind of Gewalt: the
>possibility of the impossible’
>Alberto Toscano, ‘Scattering the ashes: truth and
>violence in Badiou's Marxism’
>Workshop 6.3 ­ Room B102 ­ Marxism and Intellectuals
>Chair: Esther Leslie
>Alex Demirovic, ‘Intellectuals, epistemological
>terrains and formative stages of critical-materialist
>Thomas Barfuss, ‘Active subjects, passive revolution:
>agility, cleverness, irony’
>Paul Reynolds, ‘History, subject and dialectics:
>deconstructing the Marxist intellectual’
>2.45-3.00pm ­ Coffee break
>3.00-4.45pm     SESSION 7
>Workshop 7.1 ­ Room B111­ "Mutations" in the mode of
>Chair: Alberto Toscano
>Mario Candeias, ‘Hightech, Hartz and hegemony’
>Carlo Vercellone, ‘The hypothesis of cognitive
>Bob Jessop, ‘The future of the capitalist state
>Workshop 7.2 ­ Room B104 ­ Deleuze and Marx
>Chair: Matteo Mandarini
>Nick Thoburn, ‘“Marxism in general has never existed”:
>Deleuze and Guattari's Marx’
>Jason Read, ‘The age of cynicism: Deleuze and Guattari
>on the production of subjectivity in capitalism’
>Workshop 7.3 ­ Room B102­ Iraq
>Chair: Paul Blackledge
>Loukas Christodoulou, ‘The corporate occupation of
>Iraq and worker resistance’
>Ali Kadri, ‘Iraq: then and now’
>Subir Sinha, ‘Solidarity after Iraq’
>4.45-5.00pm ­ Coffee break
>5.00-7.00pm ­Historical Materialism PLENARY ­ War and
>Capitalism ­ Room B102
>Chair: Sebastian Budgen
>Michael Krätke, ‘The political economy of war’
>Alex Colas, ‘Civility and violence’
>Peter Gowan, ‘Capitalism and war’
>Conference social ­ Venue to be announced
>Chris Arthur (London, author of The New Dialectic and
>Marx’s Capital)
>Giorgio Baratta (University of Urbino, author of Le
>rose e i quaderni. Il pensiero dialogico di Antonio
>Thomas Barfuss (Freie Universität Berlin, author of
>Komformitaet und Bizarres Bewusstsein)
>Colin Barker (Manchester Metropolitan University,
>co-editor of Leadership and Social Movements)
>Riccardo Bellofiore (University of Bergamo, editor of
>Global Money, Capital Restructuring and the Changing
>Patterns of Labour)
>Derek Boothman (Univeristy of Bologna, author of
>Traducibilità e processi traduttivi. Un caso: A.
>Gramsci Linguista)
>Tobias ten Brink (Fachhochschule Frankfurt/M, author
>of VordenkerInnen der globalisierungskritischen
>Bewegung: Pierre Bourdieu, Susan George, Antonio
>Alex Callinicos (King’s College London, author of
>Making History: Agency, Structure, and Change in
>Social Theory)
>Mario Candeias (University of Jena, author of
>Neoliberalismus, Hochtechnologie, Hegemonie)
>Mino Carchedi (University of Amsterdam, author of
>Frontiers of Political Economy)
>Paresh Chattopadhyay (Université du Quebec à Montreal,
>author of The Marxian Concept of Capital and the
>Soviet Experience)
>Loukas Christodoulou (Corporate Watch)
>Simon Clarke (University of Warwick, author of Marx,
>Marginalism and Modern Sociology)
>Alejandro Colás (Birkbeck College, co-editor of The
>War on Terror and American Empire after the Cold War)
>Neil Davidson (Open University, author of Discovering
>the Scottish Revolution 1692-1746)
>Alex Demirovic (Universities of Wuppertal, Frankfurt
>am Main and Bern, author of Modelle kritischer
>Gregory Elliott (Edinburgh, author of Althusser: The
>Detour of Theory)
>Roberto Finelli (University of Bari, author of Un
>parricidio mancato)
>Roberto Fineschi (Università degli Studi di Siena,
>editor of Karl Marx: Rivisitazioni e prospettive)
>Alan Freeman (University of Greenwich, co-editor of
>The New Value Controversy)
>Fabio Frosini (University of Urbino, author of Gramsci
>e la filosofia)
>Peter Gowan (London Metropolitan University, author of
>The Global Gamble)
>Chris Harman (Editor of the journal International
>Socialism, author of A People's History of the World)
>Marta Harnecker (director of the Centro de
>Investigaciones Memoria Popular Latinoamericana
>(MEPLA) in Havana, Cuba, author of Making the
>Impossible Possible: The Left at the Threshold of the
>XXIst Century)
>Wolfgang Fritz Haug (Freie Universität Berlin, author
>of High-Tech-Kapitalismus. Analysen zu
>Produktionsweise, Arbeit, Sexualität, Krieg und
>Hegemonie, editor of Das historisch-kritische
>Wörterbuch des Marxismus)
>Bob Jessop (University of Lancaster, author of The
>Future of the Capitalist State).
>Ali Kadri (American University of Beirut)
>Andrew Kliman (Pace University, co-editor of The New
>Value Controversy and the Foundations of Economics)
>Juha Koivisto (University of Helsinki, author of
>Unruly Subjects)
>Michael R. Krätke (University of Amsterdam, author of
>Geschichte der Weltwirtschaft)
>Michael Kustow (theatre producer and writer, author of
>theatre at risk)
>Rocco Lacorte (University of Chicago, co-editor of a
>forthcoming anthology on Gramsci, Language and
>Miko Lahtinen (University of Tampere, author of
>Niccolò Machiavelli ja aleatorinen materialismi. Louis
>Althusser ja Machiavellin konjunktuurit / Niccolo
>Machiavelli and aleatory materialism. Louis Althusser
>and Machiavelli's conjunctures)
>Michael Lebowitz (Professor Emeritus of Economics at
>Simon Fraser University, author of Beyond Capital)
>Colin Leys (Queen's University, Canada, author of
>Market-Driven Politics, co-editor, the Socialist
>Domenico Losurdo (University of Urbino, author of
>Hegel and the Freedom of the Moderns)
>David McNally (York University, Toronto, author of
>Bodies of Meaning: Studies on Language, Labor and
>David Miller (Strathclyde University, editor of Tell
>Me Lies: Propaganda and Media Distortion in the Attack
>on Iraq)
>Rastko Mocnik (University of Ljubljana, author of How
>Much Fascism? Essays on post-communist politics)
>Vittorio Morfino (University of Milano-Bicocca, author
>of Il tempo e l’occasione. L’incontro Spinoza
>Oliver Nachtwey (University of Göttingen, author of
>Weltmarkt und Imperialismus. Zur Entstehungsgeschichte
>der klassischen marxistischen Imperialismustheorie)
>Peter Osborne (Middlesex University, author of The
>Politics of Time)
>Ozren Pupovac (Open University, editor of the journal
>Jason Read (University of Southern Maine, author of
>The Micro-politics of Capital: Marx and the Prehistory
>of the Present)
>Jan Rehmann (Freie Universität Berlin, author of
>Postmoderner Links-Nietzscheanismus: Deleuze und
>Foucault, eine Dekonstruktion)
>Geert Reuten (University of Amsterdam, co-author of
>Value-Form and the State)
>Paul Reynolds (Edge Hill College, co-editor of
>Marxism, Intellectuals and Politics)
>Alfredo Saad-Filho (SOAS, editor of Anti-Capitalism: A
>Marxist Introduction)
>Sean Sayers (University of Kent, author of Marxism and
>Human Nature)
>Subir Sinha (SOAS, author of Uncommon Grounds: Rule
>and Resistance in Rural India, forthcoming)
>G. M. Tamás (Central European University, author of On
>Martin Thomas (London, author of Three Traditions?
>Marxism and the USSR)
>Massimiliano Tomba (University of Padova, author of
>Krise und Kritik bei Bruno Bauer. Kategorien des
>Politischen im nachhegelschen Denken)
>Alberto Toscano (Goldsmiths College, author of The
>Theatre of Production: Philosophy and Individuation
>between Kant and Deleuze)
>Nick Thoburn (University of Manchester, author of
>Deleuze, Marx and Politics)
>Peter Thomas (University of Amsterdam, author of The
>Gramscian Moment, forthcoming)
>Elisa Van Waeyenberge (SOAS, co-author of Correcting
>Stiglitz: From Information to Power in the World of
>Carlo Vercellone (University of Paris I, editor of La
>fin du capitalisme industriel?)
>Nicolas Vieillescazes (Paris, author of an essay on
>Fredric Jameson’s A Singular Modernity. Essay on the
>Ontology of the Present)
>Frieder Otto Wolf (Freie Universität Berlin, author of
>Radikale Philosophie)
>The Russell Square campus (SOAS) is situated to the
>north east of Russell Square in Central London. It can
>be accessed by a variety of means (see subway and bus
>By Underground/Subway:
>The closest station is Russell Square station (C5 on
>the subway map provided in the program), which can be
>found on the Piccadilly line. Also within walking
>distance are
>Euston station (Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan, and
>Circle Lines)
>Euston Square (Northern and Victoria Lines)
>Goodge Street (Northern Line)
>Tottenham Court Road (Central and Northern Lines )
>Holborn (Central Line)
>By Bus:
>There are various buses which go through Russell
>square. From North London (59, 68, 91, 168), West
>London (7, 91), South London (59, 68, 168), South East
>London (188). There are a great variety of buses going
>through the general area of Bloomsbury where the
>campus is. The best way for finding an efficient route
>is to consult the Transport for London Journey Planner
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